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Power Guard Lubricant

On Highway

Detroit brand lubricants represent the standard for on- and off-highway applications. Formulated to factory specifications Detroit Diesel brand lubricants are available in the following types to support the service catagories CJ-4,CI-4 and CF-2:

Platinum Plus 1300 (API CJ-4, 15W-40)

TDS Detroit Platinum Plus

SDS Detroit Platinum Plus

Premium Plus (API CI-4, 15W40)

TDS Detroit Premium Plus

SDS Detroit Premium Plus

Classic, 2-Cycle (API CF-2, Monograde)

TDS Detroit Classic CF2

SDS Detroit Classic CF2


Off Highway

Specially formulated to offer maximum protection for MTU engines, these lubricants have achieved MTU’s Category 2 specification level, which allows for extended drain intervals and increase equipment utilisation. MTU brand lubricants have been blended to meet the following specifications:


TDS MTU Premium SAE40

SDS MTU Premium SAE40

CI-4 15W/40

TDS MTU Premium 15W40

SDS MTU Premium 15W40