Penske Power Systems supplies MTU, Mercedes-Benz and VM Motori diesel engines and traction systems from 30 to 3,300 kW to the rail industry, including rail traction technology, control systems and under-floor power packs, as well as extensive aftersales maintenance and support.

The popular MTU Series 4000 diesel engine for rail applications is an EU IIIA certified engine, and boasts impressive environmental credentials. Featuring low emissions, noise and vibration levels, as well as low fuel and oil consumption and high power to weight ratios, the Series 4000 is both clean and economical.

Penske Power Systems’ engineering services can design, deliver and install complete traction system solutions for new applications or re-powers including engines, transmissions, alternators and other peripheral and auxiliary equipment.

The outstanding reputation of our rail engines and traction systems is based on their advanced environmental technology, maximum economy, exceptional reliability and their availability throughout service life.

Penske Power Systems’ products conform to the highest quality standards, making them the first choice for any application.