On Highway

Penske Power Systems supplies the most advanced range of fuel-efficient and durable diesel engines in the world, available from 450 to 560 HP with varying torque configurations. Detroit engines are used in a range of applications from heavy-duty trucking to school buses, and are renowned for their high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. With factory-trained technicians and guaranteed genuine parts, we ensure engines perform at their peak.

All Detroit on-highway products have value-added features available to suit the needs of operators.

Penske Power Systems distributes world-leading Allison Transmission products to both on- and off-highway customers in Australia. Our Allison Transmission factory-trained technicians have extensive product knowledge and guarantee product quality and superior service.

Penske Power Systems has an in-house Allison remanufacturing (reman) centre in Adelaide where we build our Xtrans Black exchange Allison transmissions with genuine Allison parts. All components undergo a full inspection to ensure they are within factory tolerances and each transmission is dyno tested by Penske Power Systems.

Penske Power Systems offers a full range of preventative maintenance programs, product training and operational training, and supports its customers through a widespread network of branches and dealers.