Penske Power Systems provides a comprehensive range of products for mining applications ranging from 30 to 3,000 kW. We specialise in the design and installation of complete power solutions for mine sites, as well as the supply, service and support of engines for dump trucks, excavators, drilling equipment, and lighting towers.

Working closely with mine owners and operators across Australia, our advanced technology sets the benchmark for fuel efficiency and extends the service life of your engine to achieve the lowest cost of ownership.

Penske Power Systems’ most popular engine in mining, the Series 4000, boasts first in class common rail fuel injection. In the 13 years since its introduction, the Series 4000 has become the leading engine of its kind. Alongside this, the ever popular Series 60 engine, continues to be installed in a wide range of trucks and loaders, while the Mercedes-Benz offering has been recently utilised in underground drill rigs, utility vehicles, underground loaders, as well as a full range of power drive units, for various mining applications.

Our engines have been designed with safety, reliability and durability in mind – essential features for mining engines, which operate for up to 7,000 hours per year and in the harshest environments.