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Areas of Expertise
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Offering the most advanced range of fuel efficient and durable diesel engines available - in a wide variety of horsepower and torque configurations. Featuring the marketing leading DD15 engine.
Responsive image Marine
Renowned advanced marine technology in the delivery and support of propulsion systems from 261 to 10,000 kW and onboard generators from 4 to 3,015 kW, for the marine market.
Responsive image Mining
Specialising in the supply, service and support of engines for mining applications ranging from 30 to 3,000 kW; including dump trucks, excavators and drilling equipment to name a few.
Responsive image Defence
Penske Power Systems works closely with the defence sector to provide customised propulsion and power generation solutions, along with life of type logistic support for defence combatants.
Responsive image Rail
We supply MTU, Mercedes-Benz and VM Motori diesel engines and traction systems from 30 to 3,300 kW to the rail industry, including rail traction technology, control systems and under-floor power packs.
Responsive image Power Generation
Delivering technically comprehensive and cost effective systems, packages and complete turnkey solutions for any power generation requirement, ranging from 20 to 3,300 kVA.
Responsive image Construction & Industrial
Providing an extensive range of engines from 30 to 3,000 kW and components optimised for use in the Construction and Industrial sector – where reliability and durability are a must.
Responsive image Oil & Gas
Delivering performance and safety focused solutions including a range of generators, pumps, compressors and fire suppression systems, are capable, reliable and designed with safety in mind.
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